About Us

The Story of Bay Street Shoes & Accessories

In 1975, we were in New York. My [Shelly] feet hurt, and we saw a place down the street called Roots and thought we'd go and have an orange juice and sit down and relax for a few minutes. When we arrived at the store, we were surprised to see that it was a store selling shoes that resembled Earth Shoes but were made in Canada.


I bought a pair and liked them so much we opened Roots Natural Footwear on the University of Minnesota campus. The business grew, the recessed heeled shoes slowed and we added lines and changed the name of our store to The Shoe Store. When the opportunity came to go to Calhoun Square, we changed the name for the final time to Bay Street Shoes & Accessories because we hoped to retire on Bay Street in San Francisco one day. The rest is history. We have been at Calhoun Square since 1984. 


In 2003 we opened a second store in the Edina 5-0 building of 50th and France.  This store carries a variety of upscale women's shoes as well as a unique selection of clothing, accessories, jewelry, and gift items.



Our People



More about Darrel coming soon!




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I've been with Shelly and Darrel at Bay Street for more than 20 years, but in the Edina location only a few years.


I love so much about what we do here — I love and wear the shoes and accessories. I love figuring out what our customers need and what looks good on them.


I love chatting, visiting, sharing, and laughing with our wonderful friends and customers.




My interest in fashion led me to reinvent myself after I left my accounting career. As a long-time customer, I was thrilled to join the Baystreet Shoes team in 2015!


It makes my day when I can help a customer find the perfect outfit, and she walks out the door feeling special.




More about Stella coming soon!




More about Kay coming soon!




Bay Street has brought me full circle from the early days of my first "real" career at Dayton's to working at my favorite shopping destination as a customer.


Although my clothing style leans more toward the simple, classic, and understated, I'm invigorated by helping our customers discover their own personal style, whether trendy and edgy or traditional. 


I'm a fan of the Gophers, Twins, the arts, ABS, and all things urban! Family life, including grandchildren, and travel fill my days when I'm not having fun at Bay Street.